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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

adsense privacy policy

a new blog featuring the adsense privacy policy
read it here.... 

of course it goes without saying that if you surf the web you expect every site to collect information from you and leave cookies. i do not think every site does but its just assumed and not really surprising if it happens. but some guys in europe or somewhere got this idea that every one who operates a blog or website must be hackers. rubbish sure, but now the law requires that info be provided that really makes no sense. most of us bloggers would not know how to collect info. and hopefully the servers are all in on this. but you cant be too careful i guess. every site could add a post or page or paragraph at least without too much work, but those of us who have made a lot of sites end up doing weeks of work to meet these stupid rules.
any who, i have work to do so...